All of our black belts are certified through the Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Federation). This is the only black belt certifying body for Taekwondo in Korea. Over 200 individuals have reached the rank of Black Belt under Master Duke’s instruction. We currently have over 30 Black Belts in the club willing and able to instruct. Instruction will be under the guidance of 8th degree black belt, Grandmaster Larry Duke. Grandmaster Duke is the founding President to the Idaho Taekwondo Association. Not only does he bring in more than 40 years of training and teaching experience, but also many years of success as a competitor, including two National titles. In addition, Grandmaster Duke has a Master’s degree in Athletic Administration with a focus on advanced theories in coaching.

Black Belt Instructors

 Grandmaster Duke  8th Dan Black Belt  Bill Selvage 3rd Dan Black Belt
 Angela Staup 5th Dan Black Belt  Bob Harrison 3rd Dan Black Belt
 Alex Fuks 4th Dan Black Belt  Diana Khosrovi 2nd Dan Black Belt
Chris Jacobson 3rd Dan Black Belt Erica DeLaet 1st Dan Black Belt


*Not including guest black belt instructors

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