The history of Taekwondo has a rich and deep history that developed a strong and spirited culture.  At the Idaho Taekwondo Training Center we embody this spirit and its interest in developing well rounded individuals. The Idaho Taekwondo Training Center will introduce you to both the martial art and the sport of Taekwondo.  We also train the practical application of all of the skills for self-defense. All training will be under the direction of Grandmaster Duke who is the highest ranking Kukkiwon certified instructor in the region. The Kukkiwon is the only black belt certifying body for Taekwondo in Korea. The Idaho Taekwondo Training Center is affiliated with UC Berkeley Martial Arts department under the direction of UC Berkeley Martial Arts founding director Grandmaster, Dr. Ken Min and current UC Martial Arts director. Dr. Russell Ahn.  We also work closely with Yong-In University and Korean National Sports University.  Through these programs we are able to bring in guest instructors and strengthen our relationship with the world Taekwondo community.

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